Teeth Whitening in Orem UT

Teeth Whitening in Orem UT

Teeth whitening is quite a simple cosmetic dental procedure that, as the name suggests, is getting rid of the stains from the surface of the teeth. Discolored teeth can be a huge letdown and lead to frequent embarrassment for individuals. Many say that yellowish teeth make them too conscious of their appearance when they socialize with people. The best, simplest, and quickest way to stay clear of this issue is using our teeth whitening solutions.

Causes of teeth discoloration

  • Chewing tobacco and its products
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Excessive consumption of colored foods and beverages such as wine, aerated drinks, etc.
  • Improper brushing techniques

Common teeth whitening solutions

Conventional teeth whitening: This is the simplest and most affordable type of teeth whitening. A teeth whitening gel that is rich in Hydrogen Peroxide will be used for this purpose. It will be applied on the surface of the teeth, allowed to stay for a few minutes, and rinsed off. Hydrogen Peroxide releases oxygen molecules when activated, which helps to remove the coloring particles from the porous structure of the teeth. It may be repeated multiple times to get the desired level of whitening.

Customized-tray teeth whitening: Customized tray teeth whitening involves the use of plastic trays that look quite similar to a mouthguard. The whitening gel has to be used along with the tray so that it can prevent the interference of saliva during the process. Moreover, you can carry out the procedure by yourself in the comfort of your home.

Laser teeth whitening: This is the most advanced form of teeth whitening. The gel we use during this procedure is photosensitive, meaning it can be activated using the light of the right wavelength. We will apply the whitening gel on the teeth and activate it using a blue activating light. This process is highly effective, quick, and yields results that last for a considerably longer time.


During the initial visit to our office, we would conduct a thorough screening process. Factors such as cavities, tartar deposits, existing restorations, receding of gums, etc. will be taken into account. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and prepared for the whitening process. A rubber dam will be placed on the teeth to prevent the gel from coming in contact with the gums. The gel will be applied to the teeth and spread evenly. The dentist lets it stay on the teeth' surface for a few minutes before rinsing it off using water.

In case the severity of teeth staining is too bad, or you prefer having whiter teeth, the procedure may be repeated multiple times. When you leave our dental clinic, you would have a more confident and bright smile, which you would love to flaunt!

Please do reach out to us on call or by scheduling an online consultation with our dental professionals, and we'll be glad to assist you further.


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