Sedation Dentistry in Orem UT

Sedation Dentistry in Orem UT

Visiting the dentist can make a few people feel quite nervous due to the common misconception that the procedures would be painful. As dentists, we give a lot of importance to the comfort and satisfaction of our patients. Hence, we make use of some of the best oral sedatives to ensure you have a pleasant experience during your visit to our practice.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of oral sedatives to ease the patient’s nerves during a procedure. Patients who feel too anxious, don’t respond quickly enough to anesthesia, or have a hard time staying still during lengthy procedures would be great candidates for oral sedatives. Under the sedative effect, patients would have a very faint memory of the procedure and would stay totally relaxed.

Different types of sedatives

Based on the effect of the sedatives, they can be categorized as mild, moderate, and strong. Mild sedatives would be used on patients who feel slightly anxious during the procedures. Moderate sedatives are used when the procedures would take considerably longer and require IV sedation. Strong sedatives are used when the treatment procedure is complex, such as implant surgery or bone graft. The patient goes into a deep sleep and wouldn’t have consciousness, requiring them to be accompanied by their friend/family while coming to our office on the day of treatment.

How are sedatives administered?

Based on the method of administering the sedative, they can be divided into Oral, Inhalation, IV, and IM.

Oral: Oral sedation is, by far, the simplest type of sedation. About an hour before starting the procedure, you will be given a prescription drug in the form of a pill. Once it starts to take effect, which takes about an hour, you would be in a relaxed state of mind, making your procedure seem simple and quick.

Inhalation: Have you ever heard of laughing gas? It is the common name for Nitrous oxide, a gaseous substance which, when inhaled, induces a feeling of relaxation. It’s quite a useful drug that makes everyday things seem funnier, taking off the anxiety during the procedure.

Intravenous: In this type, the sedative is administered into the vein. It is one of the most effective types of sedation, and the patient’s consciousness can be monitored for as long as required using this.

Intramuscular: The sedative is administered into the muscles directly, either near the arm or the thigh. It takes immediate effect and makes the procedure easier for the patient.

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