Fluoride Treatment in Orem UT

Fluoride Treatment in Orem UT

You would have a good idea about calcium being one of the essential minerals in the body, especially the teeth. Calcium is an important element present in the teeth that helps to strengthen them. But, have you heard about fluoride - an equally important mineral present in the teeth that helps to keep them strong and immune from microbes?

How is fluoride helpful to the teeth?

Much like calcium, fluoride does the job of strengthening the teeth and preventing the onset of cavities. Ideally, fluoride is received by the body through drinking water and the toothpaste used to brush one’s teeth. In fact, a majority of the American population receives drinking water enriched with fluoride. However, if the body doesn’t receive the ideal amount of the mineral, it could make them weak and susceptible to damage and cavities.

How can this be treated?

Fluoride treatment is a prominent preventive measure most dentists recommend to strengthen the teeth and significantly reduce the occurrence of cavities. Upon close diagnosis, the dentist will determine whether or not you would require treatment to replenish the amount of fluoride. A topical fluoride-rich applicant is applied on the teeth, spread evenly, and allowed to stay on the surface for a few minutes. The mineral enters the porous structure of the tooth and fuses with the existing substance, thereby strengthening it. Though the procedure is quite simple and inexpensive, it can be highly effective and save you from a lot of hassle.

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