Dental Bonding in Orem UT

Dental Bonding in Orem UT

Bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that serves many purposes. It is a conservative and non-invasive treatment procedure that can be used to restore teeth that are broken, chipped, misshapen, worn out, spaced too far apart from each other, etc. Composite resinous material is applied to the desired area of the teeth and sculpted in such a way that it restores the shape and functionality.

Applications of composite bonding

Composite bonding can be used to restore teeth that are:

Worn out: The teeth tend to wear as you age, and this is quite normal. However, the teeth may experience excessive and abnormal wear due to bruxism, which is the subconscious grinding of teeth, especially during sleep. Bonding helps to bring such teeth back to their ideal shape and volume.

Chipped and misshapen: Teeth may lose a certain edge or a chunk when they undergo external trauma due to chipping. In other cases, the teeth could naturally be out of shape (misshapen). They certainly ruin the aesthetics of the smile and could make the patient feel uncomfortable during social gatherings. Such teeth can be made to look aesthetically better using bonding.

Excessively spaced: Malocclusion could cause the teeth to be spaced too far apart from each other, leaving a lot of visually displeasing gaps between the teeth. The teeth can be altered in shape and made to appear closer to each other using composite bonding.

Exposed root surfaces: When the gums recede due to improper oral health and other infections, it can expose the root surfaces of the teeth. The root surfaces are generally much sensitive to hot, cold, and spicy foods, driving the sensitivity of the teeth higher. A layer of composite resinous material can be applied on the teeth to cover the exposed surface.

Decayed: Cavities are usually caused due to the accumulated plaque and tartar on the teeth. They can erode the enamel and cause decay. Composite resin can be used as filling material to fill such cavities after the decay is removed, and the infection is halted.

Why should you choose composite bonding?

  • Composite bonding involves the use of tooth-colored resinous material. This keeps it in disguise, and no one would ever know that your tooth has been restored. Moreover, the resin can be made to match the exact color and texture of your teeth.
  • The process of bonding is non-invasive. It wouldn’t require the dentist to remove the natural tissues of the teeth, and the resin can be bonded without any hassle.
  • It has various functional and aesthetic advantages. Also, it can be used for several treatment procedures.
  • The procedure is a quick one. It wouldn’t require multiple visits to our office. Also, compared to other alternative restorative procedures, it is inexpensive.


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