Braces for Children in Orem UT

Braces for Children in Orem UT

Orthodontics for children is quite crucial as any changes in the alignment of the teeth in this stage usually lasts a lifetime. Hence, dentists recommend getting early orthodontic care as it is easy to move the teeth and helps to shape the jawbone in a better way from a young age. Here are some of the best orthodontic solutions for children:

Conventional metal braces

Metal braces are quite effective and are known to treat almost all types of malocclusion, no matter how complicated. They are composed of metal brackets and wires and are tightened or loosened to vary the pressure applied on the teeth. However, teenagers may not like getting metal braces as they are quite apparent and tend to ruin the smile's appearance.

Clear braces

Clear braces are made from dental-grade plastic or ceramic brackets. Even the wires that run through the brackets are made to match the teeth' color, thereby keeping them under disguise. Clear braces are just as effective as conventional braces and help to maintain a more pleasant smile. However, they are not entirely invisible.

Damon braces

Damon braces are backed by a revolutionary technology, which reduces pain and discomfort during the orthodontic treatment phase. The wires are not fixed to the brackets but slide through them when the teeth gradually move. This eliminates the pressure applied to the teeth and also reduces the treatment time required.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are attached to the teeth on the inside (the side facing the tongue), as opposed to conventional braces, which are bonded to the teeth on the outer surface. This feature gives them the name 'invisible braces,' as they are not visible when you talk or smile. They also significantly reduce the chances of getting injured, as the lips would not press against the braces when you sustain an oral injury.

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