Understanding Dental Facts on Chewing Gum


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Understanding Dental Facts on Chewing Gum

Posted by Merit Dental Dec 09, 2017

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Never be afraid to enhance your smile. Dentistry often consists of numerous methods, tips, and treatments to not only improve the look of your smile but to improve the quality of it as well. Everything you do to enhance your smile is essential to your oral health care. Supplementary cleaning tools such as chewing gum can often be added to your oral health care cleaning routines to give you the improved shine your teeth and gums need.

Never underestimate the power of chewing gum. Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum after meals, you can effectively form additional saliva in your mouth that can help contribute to optimal health by washing away food and other debris, neutralizing acids produced by bacteria and plaque, and providing disease-fighting substances for your smile.

Were you aware that chewing gum can potentially be beneficial for your smile should heartburn occur? After eating, heartburn is a common condition in which stomach acids will travel back up through your throat and into your mouth. If this should happen, these harmful acids can cause damage and leave your teeth vulnerable to further decay. However, chewing gum can help reduce the saliva, which will rinse away these acids and neutralize their effects on your teeth and gums.

Always make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your smile safe after eating. However, your teeth can often suffer from tooth sensitivity from foods and drinks. This means that they are susceptible to dental abrasion. Because of this, toothpaste and toothbrushes may be overly abrasive and can potentially damage your teeth. Instead, make sure that you’re using safe nonabrasive products such as chewing sugarless gum to help keep your teeth from suffering further damage.

When the times comes to receive a boost to your oral health with advanced oral health care treatments, we can help. It’s never too late for advanced oral health care treatments from Merit Dental. Enhancing your smile is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing 801-375-9511 to schedule advanced oral health care treatments with Dr. Mike Christensen and our team at our dentist's office in Orem, Utah.

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