The Baseball Behaviors to Avoid if You Want a Healthy Smile

The Baseball Behaviors to Avoid if You Want a Healthy Smile

Posted by Merit Dental on Feb 21 2018, 04:51 AM

Our dentists, Drs. Deloach and Dargel, want you to have the healthiest smile possible. You deserve it! Unfortunately, there are things involved in the sport of baseball that can negatively affect your teeth and gums. If you’re not careful, they can alter the health and condition of your smile. It’s best to avoid these behaviors as much as possible:

Drinking sports drinks: Sports drinks can promote the development of cavities. This is because they are loaded with sugar. It’s best to avoid drinking sports drinks altogether and drink water instead.

Using tobacco: Tobacco is very dangerous for the smile and entire health. So, please do not chew, smoke, or use tobacco. If you need help quitting the habit, our dental team can share some tips.

Chewing tooth-harming products: Shelled sunflower seeds and sugary gum can both harm your teeth. This is because when you crack the seeds, it can fracture the tooth enamel, causing tooth cracks and breaks. When you chew gum that has sugar, it can promote the development of cavities. You should chew shell-less seeds or sugar-free gum while you play.

Call Merit Dental today at 801-375-9511 if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how to have a healthy smile during baseball season in Orem, Utah. Our dental team will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you the tips, details, and information you need. We look forward to your phone call!

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