Replenish Your Smile With Brushing and Flossing


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Replenish Your Smile With Brushing and Flossing

Posted by Merit Dental Feb 28, 2018

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How do you rank your oral health care? Make sure that you’re taking time out of your day to focus on your oral health. This includes establishing safe and effective prevention plans to keep your teeth from falling. Furthermore, make sure you establish an effective oral hygiene routine that consists of brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Only in tandem can these treatments be used to fully clean your mouth. This is because flossing can reach areas between teeth that brushing alone cannot reach. Ideally, you should brush twice every day and floss once a day with durable cleaners that are designed to clean teeth without being overly abrasive.

In order for your brush to continue to function effectively, it will need to be replaced as needed. Typically, brushes wear down every three to four months or earlier depending on how often you use it and depending on the strength you use it with. Furthermore, youth toothbrushes wear down even quicker. When your toothbrush has worn down, it will need to be replaced. Furthermore, it’s important after each brushing session to store your toothbrush in an area where it cannot become contaminated. If it does become contaminated, it can make cleaning your smile much more difficult. Thus, you need to make sure no one else uses your toothbrush, and that it is stored upright in an aired-out container.

The key to oral health success relies on making sure your flossing techniques are being done effectively as well. Even with proper brushing tactics, it will not be enough to keep your smile fully safe. Thus, use dental floss to effectively clean between teeth. Any trapped particles or plaque buildup between teeth can be eradicated through a sturdy dental floss when used between each and every tooth and behind the teeth in your back row. Try to focus on using a strand that is roughly 18 inches in length, so you can avoid using the same section of a strand more than once.

Your ideal smile starts by cleaning your teeth and gums. For an oral examination, call Merit Dental at 801-375-9511. Our dentists, Dr. DeLoach and Dargel, and our team in Orem, Utah, are ready to help you.

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