Protecting Your Teeth and Gums With Six-Month Checkups and Cleanings


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Protecting Your Teeth and Gums With Six-Month Checkups and Cleanings

Posted by Merit Dental Sep 30, 2017

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Protecting your teeth and gums is vital for a healthy smile. To help you take care of your oral health, we are pleased to offer six-month dental checkups and cleanings. Today, Dr. Mike Christensen and our team would like to give you an idea of what to expect during your visit.

–We will be checking for plaque buildup and removing it from your teeth. Brushing and flossing daily is vital to keep dental plaque at a minimum. Once it has hardened into tartar, it will need to be removed using special dental tools.

—The plaque will also be removed from your gums, especially along the gum line where your teeth meet the tissue. Dental plaque erodes the gum tissue and leads to infection as it hardens. This is called gingivitis and causes your gums to recede. If it is left untreated, you may find yourself with swelling, bleeding or sore gums, which can ultimately lead to tooth and bone loss.

–Hardened plaque or tartar requires removal by your dentist or it will create cavities as it erodes tooth enamel and holes are created. Cavities often go undetected until the tooth begins to ache. When your dentist conducts an exam of your oral cavity using x-rays, cavities can be spotted early and treated least invasively.

–Speaking of x-rays, when your teeth and jawbone are x-rayed, we can spot problems beneath the surface. Through the wonders of x-ray technology, we can see impacted teeth, bone decay, jawbone damage, tumors, cysts, or swelling and provide timely treatment.

–Your habits can make or break your smile's health if they cause problems. Your dentist will talk to you about your habits and offer treatment recommendations if any of the following is causing issues:

–Damage from eating sticky or hard sweets.

–Excessive, harsh brushing of your teeth.


–Clenching of the jaw.

–Tooth grinding.

–Chewing or smoking tobacco products.

–Ice chewing.

–Tooth stains from tea, coffee, or red wine.

–Fortunately, oral cancer responds well to treatment when detected in the early stages. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth, jaw, neck, lymph nodes, and oral tissues.

—During your dental cleaning, you will receive a thorough cleaning of the plaque and tartar and your teeth will be polished. We will floss between each tooth and along the gumline. Any issues with your dental hygiene care will be discussed to help you more effectively keep your smile healthy in between dental visits.

Protect your smile with daily care and seeing your dentist regularly. Please call 801-375-9511 today to speak with a member of our staff. Our Merit Dental team in Orem, Utah, is excited to work with you to create the smile of your dreams!

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