Our Dental Crown Restoration Can Bring Back Your Healthy Smile


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Our Dental Crown Restoration Can Bring Back Your Healthy Smile

Posted by Merit Dental Mar 20, 2017

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If your confident smile is marred because you have a damaged tooth causing you to feel hesitant to smile, there is help! With the help of dental crown restoration, you can smile with confidence again. In fact, our Merit Dental team in Orem, Utah looks forward to fixing your damaged tooth to bring back your healthy smile.

Dental crowns, or caps, as they are often known, are designed to restore a tooth’s function when a natural tooth is damaged. Whether the damage is from injury, accidental trauma, or tooth infection, Dr. Dennis DeLoach and Dr. Dallin DeLoach can replace the tooth using a dental cap.

Your crown is custom-crafted to fit over the tooth so that it will be strong, protected, and aesthetically pleasing once again. Crowns are used for cosmetic fixes as well to enhance a discolored or unsightly tooth, making it look natural again. Crowns can be crafted from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or even gold. We are pleased to offer porcelain crowns for our patients. Your crown will be created from the material best suited to your needs.

Once your crown is in place, you will want to make sure of the following:

–Avoid hard foods such as ice or hard candy.

–Avoid using your teeth as tools.

–Avoid biting your fingernails.

–Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth (known as bruxism) as it can harm your crown.

–Prevent tooth decay and gum disease by brushing at least twice a day.

–Floss at least once a day, using interdental brushes, sticks, or dental floss around the crown, especially where the gum meets the tooth.

–Maintain regularly scheduled dental cleanings to keep tartar away from your smile.

If you have an unsightly tooth in your smile making you self-conscious, we invite you to call 801-375-9511 in Orem, Utah today to restore your smile. Dr. Dennis DeLoach and Dr. Dallin DeLoach look forward to helping you smile again with the help of our dental restorations!

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