General Information about Dental Erosion


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General Information about Dental Erosion

Posted by Merit Dental Aug 27, 2017

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Guard your tooth enamel against the dangers of dental erosion. Tooth enamel is a thin layer that lies on your teeth to protect the inner layers, including the pulp. Even though tooth enamel is thin, it is extremely durable and suited for the challenges of daily chewing and eating. However, tooth enamel can still be destroyed due to oral accidents or dental erosion.

Stay away from foods that have low pH levels, such as sour snacks and treats, as well as other highly sugary foods. When sugar is introduced to your mouth, bacteria in plaque within your mouth can transform the sugars into acids that cause dental erosion to arise. Highly acidic foods should be avoided or eaten with meals to help neutralize their acidity.

Chewing sugarless gum after meals has been shown to increase your saliva, which is a natural acid fighter. Furthermore, mouthwash is also effective for neutralizing acids in your mouth. Tradition oral health care cleaning tools such as brushing and flossing are also essential for your oral health routine to ensure your teeth remain safe from harmful acids.

Dental erosion therapy may be the dentistry service you need. For an oral examination at Merit Dental at our dentist's office in Orem, Utah, please book an appointment with Dr. Mike Christensen and our team by calling 801-375-9511. Come in and become a success story with a whiter, brighter smile today!

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