Dental Exams: What Should You Expect?


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Dental Exams: What Should You Expect?

Posted by Merit Dental Mar 09, 2018

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Can you remember when you last went to the dentist? Do you think you might be you delaying making an appointment because you don’t know what to expect? It is recommended that you visit a dentist every six months to look for signs of problems before they become even bigger. With that in mind, we would like to help you dispel the uncertainty you may have.

At your first appointment, we would like to know a little about your health history so we can give you our best care for you and your teeth. At any follow-up appointments, we may ask you if there have been any changes to your medications or health conditions to maintain that standard of care.

Checkups will probably be the most frequent kind of appointments you’ll have. They can help to prevent major problems from developing. In them, a hygienist will likely clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly to remove plaque and tartar from your gum line. Following that, our dentists can perform the examination to look for signs of decay or disease. The goal is to prevent any issues from becoming worse and to maintain your health.

If our dentists feel it could prove beneficial, an x-ray may be recommended depending on your symptoms, age, or risk of disease. X-rays can help things that could otherwise go unseen become visible like decay between the teeth, impacted teeth, damage to jawbones, etc. Although very little radiation is involved with modern x-ray machines, to be safe you should wear dental apron. If you know you are pregnant, you should let us know.

If you are near the Orem, Utah, area and would like an appointment with Drs. DeLoach or Dargel, please call Merit Dental at 801-375-9511 today. We would be happy to help care for you and your smile.

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