Children in Rural Areas Might Benefit from Fluoride Supplements

Children in Rural Areas Might Benefit from Fluoride Supplements

Posted by Merit Dental on Nov 30 2017, 05:06 AM

Many municipal water systems throughout the United States of American often include trace amounts of fluoride. This is designed to help people maintain strong tooth enamel.

Unfortunately, many people living in rural areas might not have easy access to fluoridated water. Over time this could have an effect on their tooth enamel. This could also be an issue for children, as they are often prone to be inconsistent with their daily oral hygiene routine.

In a situation like this a dentist Dr. Mike Christensen might be able to provide a prescription for daily use fluoride supplements. Some of the more common forms include sublingual tabs, gels, concentrated fluoride toothpaste, or a specially formulated fluoride mouth rinse.

Some children prefer an ingestible fluoride supplement to prescription toothpaste or a fluoridated mouthwash. If so the fluoride supplement will need to be taken as directed.

Should your child select the fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash, it’s often best to have them apply it to their teeth right before they go to bed. This will help the fluoride to saturate their tooth enamel without reducing its effect by eating or drinking

If you live in a rural area around Orem, Utah, and you are concerned about the strength of your child’s tooth enamel, you should call 801-375-9511 to schedule a dental checkup at Merit Dental.

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