A Missing Dental Filling Might Cause a Significant Toothache


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A Missing Dental Filling Might Cause a Significant Toothache

Posted by Merit Dental Jul 31, 2017

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Dental fillings are typically cemented or bonded securely to the surrounding tooth enamel. While they are meant to last for many years, it is possible for poor oral hygiene habits to weaken a dental filling’s connection with the surrounding tooth enamel.

As this starts to happen you might notice increased sensitivity, as well as a change in texture and color of the tooth. Eventually, the natural bacteria in your mouth might also gain access to the interior of the tooth enamel causing a new area of tooth decay to develop.

When this happens you might notice the increasing discomfort often described as a toothache.

In a situation like this, you should seek timely dental care with Dr. Mike Christensen and the dental professionals at his dental office in Orem, Utah. Left untreated the compromised tooth could become severely infected or a dangerous dental abscess could form in the underlying gums.

In a case, this severe, Dr. Mike Christensen might need to perform endodontic therapy. This will remove all remaining traces of the tooth enamel and prepare sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown. Once completed the tooth will be fully restored and any lingering toothache pain should abate.

If you are in the Orem, Utah area and you are suffering from a toothache or you have a tooth that is missing a filling, you should call 801-375-9511 to seek immediate treatment at Merit Dental.

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